Innovative Engine Technology

MTC Motoren Technologie Center Dorsten / NRW

The MTC Motoren Technologie Center in Westphalian Dorsten prides itself in being the right contact for customers from varied sectors. Our clients include, for example, machine and system manufacturers as well as municipal public works departments, hospitals, computer centres, fire brigades as well as companies that require diesel-electric drives, which can be installed at short notice for events or at construction sites and also for continuous energy supply through gas engines for e.g. district heating plants.

We offer you innovative and customised solutions through gas and diesel engines, alternators, injectors and control systems for your technical plants. We are also a reliable and competent contact person for consulting, concepts, delivery, repair and maintenance of your technical plants and engines. Our offerings are also supplemented through a large network of technicians and the sale of spare parts for all well-established types of engines.

We provide energy, for the short or long term, through diesel and gas engines – customised and customer-specific solutions from the MTC Motoren Technologie Center for all sectors.

Diesel engines function on the principle of the formation of an internal mixture – air is drawn in, compressed in the cylinders and then mixed with fuel which is injected into it. It is then brought to combustion through self-ignition (combustion through friction with air) and through this, it achieves its intended purpose. The so-called “equi-pressure combustion”, with its long piston travel length and high torque, is well-suited for short-term use with a high power requirement
Gas engines are better suited for long-term continuous supply for your power requirements e.g. for the operation of continuously running machines with long running times or for district heating plants, which have to run continuously. Long running times and continuous operation while meeting the current emission regulations are the characteristics of gas engines. More information